About Minneapolis Domains

Grab interest

Minneapolis Domains was started for the sole purpose of helping people and businesses with getting their domains and websites up and running at a low cost. 

Generate excitement

We provide everything you will need for your business or personal website and blog. Now there is no need to have multiple accounts for your Internet needs. Minneapolis Domains is the one-stop shop for everything you will need for your website. This about us page will give you the history of Minneapolis domains and its web page.

Close the deal

Minneapolis domains also provides a 24/7 customer service telephone number for any questions you may have about your domain or website products. We also maintain a 99.9% uptime on all our hosting and site builder products. Now remember our motto is high quality at low cost, we strive to give you the best without breaking the bank.

A Little Bit About Kevin

Taking a Moment

Hello everyone my name is Kevin and I thought I’d take a moment to tell you little bit about me. I am the sole owner of Minneapolis Domains and I’ve been selling domains for almost 5 years now. I have been working with computers since the mid-80s, you know back when there was a Windows 3.0. The main reason why I started selling Internet hosting and domain products was that I could not believe how much people were paying to get on the Internet. So through the years this is what I have been doing, now there is a new member of my team and that would be my grandson who lives with me here in Minneapolis.